Merlin Motor Works

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Thriving in tropical weather can prove to be an uphill task for vehicles in Singapore, especially when your daily drive is used as a primary mode of transport for work and family duties. More often than not, we tend to forgo preventive maintenance and adhere to standardised servicing intervals, which could possibly end up with more hefty bills if major vehicle components are not able withstand the harsh conditions of the local climate.

While Merlin Motor Works is already armed with relevant technical expertise that caters to drivers’ demanding automotive needs backed up by the utilisation of hi-tech equipment housed in a strategic location Ang Mo Kio, they have explored other areas of maintenance in its bid to offer clients with the best possible driving experience. For an added peace of mind for customers of Merlin Motor Works, they have teamed up with Motorvac, a leader in preventive maintenance.


With Motorvac on board, both can work hand in hand to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top condition whenever you are behind the wheel. They have programs tailored to tackle the common issue of fluid maintenance, a vital issue that we have to emphasise for humid Singapore in particular.


While there are arguably countless preventive maintenance solutions, what sets Motorvac apart from the rest will be the immediate effectiveness of the product, along with the prompt aftersales support offered by Merlin Motor Works. Drivers who opted for this form of preventive maintenance were able to experience an instantaneous improvement in a car that was once down on power as well as lacking in both throttle response and engine refinement.


Motorvac’s open door policy also aids in offering swift aftersales support. Customers were eager to share the improvements upon application of this cleaning service – such is the chemistry between client and both Motorvac and Merlin Motor Works to help foster even stronger ties for future collaboration.


More often than not, drivers tend to follow by the book for servicing intervals. Of course, abiding by the recommended intervals can be a solution to prevent major breakdowns. But with Motorvac, prevention is certainly better than cure, and this partner in preventive maintenance is engineered to deliver more smiles per mile on the go to ensure that every driving trip will be a problem and stress free affair.


Merlin Motor Works is located at 10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, AMK Autopoint #03-13 Singapore 568047. For more information about Motorvac preventive maintenance machines, visit their Facebook page at


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