Static Fitment Crew Singapore

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The terms “Tucked”, “Flushed”, “Slammed”, “Lowered” are quietly becoming common terms that describe wheel fitment across the island. Originally started as an automotive fashion statement, automotive stance has since evolved beyond rims that provide sufficient offset for a wider set of tyres. Involving a whole lot of other vehicle settings, such as dialling camber and caster degrees, the automotive stance culture around the world has become so widespread, so much so that a group of fellow friends, met each other through their passion for their cars and a need to show Singaporeans the lifestyle of stance enthusiasts.

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“Make no mistake, cosmetic dressup and stance are nearly two different matters”, according to the hardcore folks, who have been in this automotive styling scene for years. Formally established on the 5th of August 2013, friends driving similar rides; Mitsubishi Lancer CS3s got together and started this motley crew of six; known as the Static Fitment Crew Singapore. The committee members, Najib, Xavier, Haziq, Irwan, Zali and Azhari share a common goal; that was to unite stance car enthusiasts and to further promote the stance culture.

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“Originally started as a small start-up, we did not harbour big intentions. What came as a shocker afterwards, was the immense popularity of our humble Facebook page, which had grown exponentially through the short period of four months!”stated Azhari. The team at Static Fitment Crew Singapore are regulars at automotive meetups and shows through the years, having adorned their decals and making their presence known with their stylish rides. Since the club’s start-up, the committee’s numbers has grown from strength to strength with their ever-present popularity amongst local car enthusiasts.

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Static Fitment Club Singapore’s objectives are simple; to showcase a different kind of automotive enthusiasm through style as the main goal, lest performance; that automotive enthusiasts should not be perceived as a threat on the roads, since racing should be done off the public roads and legally on the circuits. “Stance is a different kind of thing; like a fashion statement for cars, the lower they go, the better they look.”Living proof that automotive stance can be incorporated in the everyday life, members of Static Fitment Crew Singapore drive their lowered cars on a daily basis without problems. Taking the club to a higher stage, Static Fitment Crew Singapore committee members are aiming to turn the heat up on the automotive trend.

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Planning a range of merchandise such as tee-shirts, decals and other related accessories, the dream is to create a lifestyle label for the club.To learn more about Static Fitment Crew Singapore, visit their Facebook page at!

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