Sinister Minister: Nissan GT-R CBA-R35

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Carbon, an abundant natural element that has the ability to weaken the willpower of women with its other naturally occurring shiny, mineral form and men, constantly fascinated by its rigid-graphite properties. Either way, with such advantageous properties, processed carbon never comes cheap… First introduced to world as early as the 1960s as a revolutionary material that helped shape and redesign the aviation and automobile industry, carbon fibre encompassed lightness, extreme strength and strong rigidity and is widely used in a variety of race applications, such as track car chassis building, where there can be no compromise
between weight and strength.

In recent years however, the usage of carbon fibre has taken a secondary role; similar to a cosmetic upgrade. Displaying carbon fibre back then, was deemed gaudy and unsightly. Today however, gloss carbon fibre has become something along the lines of haute couture, gradually overtaking the usage of painted fibre reinforced plastic on cars. Today, carbon fibre moulded parts such as vented bonnets, aero mirrors and bumpers are making motor-heads and dress-up enthusiasts spin in green envy.


It is no easy task, chancing upon owners who take their rides to the very extreme ends of customization, but to run into one such owner with an unparalleled obsession with carbon fibre, brings to mind the figure of speech, “finding a needle in a haystack”, which REV Magazine Singapore has duly found in person; Enter Mr Andrew Ho, the owner of this incredible Nissan GT-R, who gracefully accepted our request to cover his amazing ride. As much as it has become an unsaid necessity for motor-heads to deck their rides out with at least one external carbon fibre part, it has certainly become his personal obsession; the quest for weight reduction, while pursuing carbon uniformity and that very rare uniqueness for his GT-R. Originally purchased in a pristine shade of pearl white, this sinister machine underwent a series of shock treatments that no GT-R could better on the exterior…

CF GTR 08Already blessed with a twin turbo, 3.8 litre mechanical heart that churns out sub-500 horsepower, coupled with amazing traction, there was little more that Andrew could ask for in a super-car killing machine. In a bid to refine and improve throttle response and milk power from its conservative factory tuning, the COBB Access Tuning Port was installed for the purpose of unleashing the full prowess of the VR38DETT, as well as unlocking any electronic speed limiters. To allow for specific levels of boost adjustment, a newly developed, brand-new HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller was installed. With the various tuning parts in place, HKS’s LegaMax titanium exhaust system was installed to take full advantage of the newly adjusted settings, allowing the GT-R to explode off from naught to a hundred and beyond in an incredible rate of speed.

CF GTR 06Complementing its mighty power plant is Nissan’s very own ATTESA (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All-Terrain) traction control technology, which made the GT-R extremely manoeuvrable, even with its 1.7 tonnage. To add more traction, the GT-R was fitted with a set of custom-built, premium NTR3 shocks from Nitron Racing that came with multi-way adjustable damper settings to fine-control the setup of the suspension. Thicker front upper adjustable arms from Dodson Motorsport give the GT-R a firm steering feel, while all this is transmitted to a set of 20” matte black Forged Specialities rims that wear Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres in incredulously wide 295/30/20 dimensions, while the rear gets extraterrestrial proportions of 335/30/20! Talk about maximum grip!

The first thing that strikes one’s heart is the undulating exterior of the GT-R. With much help from Karbon Kraft and LHB Exhaust Motorsports, the GT-R has been gifted with its very special, eye-catching identity. Words can never truly describe the vast amounts of lightweight carbon fibre that has been painstakingly customised and made for the GT-R. From top to toe, the entire GT-R is decked and fashioned in swathes of glossy, unpainted carbon fibre. From Karbon Kraft, came lightweight parts such as replacements for sidesills, A and C-pillars, a whole roof and even the doors! Swing open a door and one will be amazed at how
light those doors were.


However, a specific number of carbon fibre parts, such as the front bumper and lip, are made by Top Racing, while the wide vented fenders come from Password JDM. The large heavy stock bonnet was replaced with one from Carbon Exotics, which skillfully crafted these as the same in the Super GT 500 series on Nissan GT-Rs. Sumo Power UK’s carbon fibre parts make their way onto Andrew’s GT-R; side skirts and rear over-fenders to give the GT-R a beefier, more muscular appearance. Completing the rear is a Varis carbon fibre boot and a TMR Japan carbon fibre rear bumper, complete with a WALD Black Bison Edition carbon fibre rear diffuser.

CF GTR 05Providing immense downforce comes from an extremely rare item; a carbon fibre GT-Wing from an ex-Super GT Zent Cerumo SC430 GT500 race car! Step into the interior and it never ceases to amaze; the level of dedication that Andrew has taken his GT-R to; with LHB Exhaust Motorsports providing much of the glossy carbonic material; from the door panels, dashboard, centre console and door sills and even the rear speaker shelf! Leaving no stone unturned, the seats have received carbon treatment; so much that the minds of many are reeling in a state of overkill. The list is not complete, not without mentioning that the floor mats are also made of carbon fibre; original from NISMO Japan.

As unholy and menacing as it currently looks, Andrew says that this is not the final product. With a new carbon fibre bumper and lip in the pipeline from LHB Exhaust Motorsports and a revised set of carbon fibre side skirts from Sumo Power UK, REV Magazine Singapore has truly stumbled upon a monster of epic proportions. Without the help of various workshops and individuals that work around the clock to make it happen, REV Magazine Singapore surely would not have the honour to get a first, long and hard glimpse at this sinister shadow of a truly unique Godzilla.

Nissan GT-R CBA-R35
HKS LegaMax Titanium Exhaust System, HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller, COBB Tuning Access Port

Nitron Racing Shocks NTR R3, Dodson Motorsport Front Upper Adjustable Arms, 20” Forged Specialities Matte Black Rims, Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres F:295/35/20, R:335/30/20

Top Racing Carbon Fibre Front Bumper & Lip, Karbon Kraft Carbon Fibre License Plates, Carbon Exotics GT500-Style Carbon Fibre Bonnet, Password JDM Carbon Fibre Front Fenders (Modified by Karbon Kraft), Karbon Kraft Carbon Fibre Side-Sills Replacement, Karbon Kraft Carbon Fibre A Pillars, Karbon Kraft Carbon Fibre C Pillars, Karbon Kraft Carbon Fibre Roof, Karbon Kraft Carbon Fibre Doors & Door Handles, Karbon Kraft Carbon Fibre GT-R Mirror Stands & Mirrors, Karbon Kraft LED Cluster, Sumo Power UK Carbon Fibre Side Skirts, Sumo Power UK Carbon Fibre Rear Over Fenders, Varis Carbon Fibre Boot, TMR Japan Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper (modified by Karbon Kraft), WALD Black Bison Edition Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser, Super GT ZENT Cerumo GT500 SC430 Race Car Carbon Fibre GT-Wing, Super GT GT500 Bonnet Pins, Super GT GT500 Boot Latches, MCR Tail Light Wiring Kit, MCR Rear Side Markers

NISMO Carbon Fibre Floor Mats (modified by Karbon Kraft), LHB Exhaust Motorsports Carbon Fibre Door Panels, Carbon Fibre Door Sills, Carbon Fibre Instrument Panels, Carbon Fibre Vents,Carbon Fibre Rear Speaker Shelf, Carbon Fibre Centre Console, Carbon Fibre Rear Seats, Carbon Fibre Rear Side Panels, Exotic Gems Singapore Customised GT-R Pendant


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