SMSA Auto Gymkhana Series 2013 Round 2

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Let’s start with the perfect Sunday, clear blue skies and a nice hot sun to warm things up. Perfect then for SMSA’s Gymkhana: A motorsport that combines speed and complex turns. This round was something special, not only were there Malaysian entires on the grid but women as well!

Like racing, the main goal is to negotiate the course as fast as possible, but characterized by tight course layouts. It requires drivers to manoeuvre their cars around obstacles and perform extreme acceleration, braking and drifting.

Road-going and off-road cars alike took turns to blast around the course. While the compact front-wheel driven cars had the advantage of acceleration out of the corners, it were the rear- and four-wheel drive cars that clawed back the seconds along the straighter track segments.

It wasn’t a day that had no calamities – cars broke down and a few plastic drums were sent flying through the air. As the last chequered flags dropped for the day, the aces of the respective classes are: Melvin Tan (Class1), Christopher Chong (Class2), Teoh Guan Cheng (Class3) and Michael Leong (Class 4).

The finale, Round 3 will be held on 11 August.


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