Windblown Snow

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This description provides an apt folklore-like impression of a mythical legend, so enthralling, in total awe and frozen in sheer disbelief. This was exactly how REV Magazine felt, when we crossed paths with this particular Nissan that possessed strikingly similar traits as Chohei Kambayashi’s best-selling sci-fi military novel “Battle Fairy Yukikaze”, in which the “Yukikaze” (Japanese for Windblown Snow) is the novel’s focus; a strike jet fighter (with a mythical Japanese moniker) with unique characteristics and given prototype armaments and supreme flight agility for special mission objectives. There is no better comparison than to compare this striking 180SX to this fictional mechanical protagonist.

CoverCar2Harvey, the owner of this 20 year old Silvia 180SX, opted for something that would be uniquely different, yet retain the original, intended objectives that Nissan wanted to portray with the Silvia. Unlike other 180SX owners, who opted for massive gutting and modification for the sake of motorsports victory, Harvey decided to stay true to the fashion of staying true to keeping the chassis relatively unmolested, lest the cosmetic and handling modifications. Boy, did he do a good job at giving one of the most iconic creations from Nissan a great and unique perspective, packed with an almost unimaginable list of aftermarket goodies for the occasional drift-day up North!

Just like a jet fighter’s powerplant that requires immense thrust to dogfight in the corners, it is inevitable that the engine receives proper upgrades to ensure that air and fuel are fed properly to provide torque, especially in the mid-high revs. An Apexi Super Intake Suction Kit is paired perfectly with a Circuit Sports’ 340LPH fuel pump and Deatsch Werks 550cc fuel injectors for a variety of desired A/F ratio settings. A Circuit Sports lightweight pulley kit does the trick of keeping revs at the ready. Engine temperature is regulated with the effective GReddy oil cooler kit, complete with a reallocated oil filter and a Cusco oil-catch tank to circumvent excessive oil blow-by.

CoverCar6Unmatched in handling and weaponry, “Yukikaze” possesses stunning agility, coupled with deadly precision. Similarly, Harvey began upgrading the 180SX’s undercarriage with unfazed enthusiasm in pursuit of handling perfection. Complementing the suspension is a seemingly never-ending list of chassis stiffening equipment. Beginning with the undercarriage, which gets a complete revamp using the prized Ikeya Formula control set, comprising of pillowball tension rods, toe, camber and lower arms, an extremely rare set of Tein front and rear tie rods, a customised stainless steel strut bar, followed by the usual Ultra Racing strut bars, which helped fine-tune the 180SX’s handling characteristic’s to Harvey’s personal preference, with thick sway bars from Godspeed Project reduce nagging bodyroll issues.

The interior of the 180SX mirrors that of a pilot’s cockpit, devoid of any unnecessary clutter, built for the sole purpose of function. Sport seats made with swathes of fine fabric hold both driver and passenger snugly within the clean cabin. The 180SX’s cockpit puts the driver in firm control of his machine, with him gripping a Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel and throwing the gears precisely with a Personal Ball Line aluminum gear knob as his feet “rudders” against a Carbing pedal and foot-rest set. Heads-up-like displays that provide the driver with detailed information include an Apexi RSM, ARK Design’s Advanced Boost Controller and the array of Defi meters that display vital engine stats, with the Cyber Stork meter film giving the stock dashboard meters a reviving touch.


Encompassing two very different outlooks, the 180SX front and rear are exact polar ends of a magnet. While the front retains the original flip-headights, it still exudes a subtly different look that no other 180SX has, though the rear is a different story. A quick glimpse of the rear will bring a Nissan Skyline GT-R BCNR33’s image to mind. However, upon closer inspection, the roundel tail lights are only part of the 180SX’s disguise.

As with the sleek and alluringly beautiful form of “Yukikaze”, the exterior of Harvey’s 180SX is what makes it truly comparable with a fictional jet fighter that could only be drawn from the bowels of imagination. Much of the exterior body work was not just bolt-on parts, but done with plenty of customisation work that makes this 180SX about the only one-of-a-kind in Singapore. Believe it or not, the entire project took a total of 2 years to turn a concept into reality. With more parts in order to improve the already knife-like cornering ability of this 180SX, the car is certainly the doppelganger of the said fictional fighter jet that has been painstakingly put together for the sole purpose of survival in the toughest of combat environments.

The specifications:

Apexi Super Intake Suction Kit, Circuit Sports 340LPH Fuel Pump, Circuit Sports Lightweight Pulley Kit, Deatsch Werks 550cc Fuel Injectors, Cusco Oil Catch Tank, Trust GReddy Oil Filter Reallocation Kit, Trust GReddy Oil Cooler, HPI Front Mount Intercooler Kit, Blitz Super Sound Dual Drive Blow Off Valve, NISMO Engine & Transmission Mount Set

BC Racing Coilover, Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar & Side Floor Bars, Custom-made Stainless Steel Rear Strut Bar, Godspeed Project Front Sway Bar & Rear Sway Bar, Tein Strengthened Tie Rod & End Set, Ikeya Formula Pillow Ball Tension Rods, Lower Arm Roll Centre Adjusters, Rear Traction Adjuster Rod, Rear Toe Adjuster Rod Set, Rear Camber Upper Arm Adjusters, Rear Lower Arm Adjusters, OEM Nissan Skyline OEM Fairlady Z32 Master Brake Cylinder & Brake Set, GKTech Master Brake Cylinder Stopper, GKTech, Solid Shifter Bushing, HEL Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses, DIF Steering Column Bushings, Energy Suspension PU Steering Rack Bushings, Kumho KU36 Tyres

Customised Front Bumper, Customised Front Fenders, Customised Side Skirts, Customised Rear Fenders, Customised Rear Bumper, Customised Rear Tail Lights, Customised Rear Panel, Customised Rear Spoiler, 17” Advan Super Racing Rims

Upholstered Sport Seats, Carbing Pedal & Foot Rest Set, Cyber Stork White Meter Film Cluster Cover, Personal Neo Grinta Steering Wheel, Personal Ball Line Aluminum Gear Knob, Apexi RSM, ARK Design Advanced Boost Controller, ARK Design Simple Turbo Timer, Orange TPMS, Defi BF Gauges Turbo Package

This story was first published in issue 33, download a copy for the full story!

Text by Aaron Hia
Pictures by Peter Lee / Metamorphosis Production


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