Golden Silver

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When Isami Amemiya first laid hands on the rotary engine back in 1974, he had absolutely no idea that he would eventually become one of Japan’s top rotary engine tuners to date. Hailing from the prefecture of Chiba in Japan, Isami-san’s ubiquitous influence has had the world talking about RE Amemiya, a brand which he has painstakingly built through the decades.

The RE Amemiya brand is no stranger to rotary enthusiasts in and out of Japan. The workshop is responsible for many great rotary creations that will always grace the first page of Internet search engines.

Feature-Car-rx7-7Every year at the widely anticipated and celebrated Tokyo Auto Salon held at the Makuhari Messe Hall, RE Amemiya’s booth never fails to surprise automotive enthusiasts with splendid and elegantly sculpted RX-7s, sporting various degrees of engine setups; from the casual 300bhp street-tuned daily driven FD3S, to the serious 700bhp monster built for outrageous acceleration on the track. This year at the inaugural Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013, REV Magazine gets the once-in-a-life-time opportunity to come to terms with the winner of the “Popular Tuner Machine” category of 2012’s Tokyo Auto Salon; the RE Amemiya NA Super-7.

As the final culmination for 30 years of exhibit-worthy Mazda RX-7 FD3S, RE Amemiya prepped this controversial RX-7 to show the crowds, just how innovative and imaginative their designs can be; one more time. “This could however, be our last.”, said Ken Amemiya, Isami Amemiya’s son, who works with his father in the workshop. Moving away from the regular aero Super kit that most people recognize as RE Amemiya’s trademark designs, the NA Super-7 is one machine that remains truly unique amongst the aftermarket RX-7 FD3S offerings; the combination of a radical aero kit and a not-so-common powerplant setup.

Feature-Car-rx7-3The heart of the matter is not the usual force-induced rotary engine blueprint. Opting to do away with mad boost and soaring temperature spikes, RE Amemiya introduced a naturally aspirated, rotary engine into the engine bay of the said NA Super-7. Peripherally ported and meticulously prepared by the workshop, the engine is capable of producing at least 305bhp without any assistance from a turbocharger. As with things done in true JDM fashion, RE Amemiya fuels the naturally aspirated rotary with 440cc OEM fuel injectors from the Mazda RX-8.

Air is fed through a specially made one-off induction box for the NA Super-7. Other RE Amemiya parts find their respective homes alongside the 13B, such as racing plug cords, pulleys and a v-mounted high capacity radiator to keep temperatures low for extended race use. Since it was meant to be a track-only machine, it received the full RE Amemiya intake and exhaust treatment; intake and exhaust manifolds, all the way to a one-off race exhaust system for the Super-7, all controlled by a MOTEC M2R ECU.

Feature-Car-rx7-4Naturally aspirated setups yield advantages in the corner too, with linear acceleration and steady traction. Taking further advantage of this, the Super-7 boasts superb cornering with its Quantum Racing T4-LM coilover, customised further with SWIFT Springs in stiff rates of F16kg /R18kg respectively. The Super-7 turns on a dime with ease, thanks to RE Amemiya’s Super Racing limited slip differential that handles the torque output during cornering perfectly. In addition, toe bushings were fitted to help isolate foreign vibrations and increase steering feel.

Playing its cards right, the already-lightweight Super-7 derives its quick stopping power from its huge RE Amemiya brake caliper system, with brake distribution managed by a Wilwood brake bias valve. What amazes REV Magazine further, is the usage of Mazda RX-8 parts again, such as the installation of the RX-8’s pre-facelift 6-speed transmission and a conceptual Ogura Racing Clutch for the RX-8. The Super-7 gets its immense mind-mashing horizontal traction from eye-popping wide, premium Yokohama Advan Sport tyres.

The exterior is what sets the Super-7 apart from its other RX-7 brethren. With a design so boldly conceptual, it is truly one of a kind. Born from 3D CAD sketches, the Super-7 accommodates its entire engine department with shifted engine mounting points that are lower and further backwards than the standard RX-7 FD3S, allowing for its dipping hood-line to channel airflow smoothly across its slender body and into its air ducts for the purpose of aerodynamics and efficient cooling.

Cool Verre-designed aerodynamic side mirrors and the unique rear of the Super-7 gets applause too, with a wide-body is gently sculpted into the Super-7’s looks, allowing it to accommodate Enkei’s large 20” GTC-01 rims, that provide a cavernous home for its already large brake system.

Feature-Car-rx7-2The interior remains relatively similar to the native RX-7 world, least the massively draped red upholstery, carbon bits in the form of the gear shift knob and door handles. In line with simplicity with a dash of racer-feel, twin Bride Low Max Vios III full bucket seats (also in red) keep both occupants firmly seated during the intense G-sessions on track, as driver reads the rev count and speed via a digital dash-logger that incorporates a full-spectrum of engine readouts, keeping the driver duly informed of any blowout, sudden temperature fluctuation or spikes.

We have seen it, we have said it. REV Magazine has had the great pleasure of seeing Super-7, the “Golden Silver” of RE Amemiya’s proudest recent creations that had many rotary and automotive fans talking since its “Popular Tuner Machine” title clinching trophy in Tokyo Auto Salon 2012. Although word has it that this rotary would be the last RX-7 creation from RE Amemiya, here at REV Magazine, we still hold those words in certain level of positive doubt. Surprise us again RE Amemiya, no matter how long it takes!


RE Amemiya Super NA7
(Mazda RX-7 FD3S)

RE Amemiya Peripheral Ported 13B-REW Rotary Engine
RE Amemiya Racing Plug Cord
RE Amemiya Customised Air Box
RE Amemiya High Capacity Radiator
RE Amemiya Pulley Set
RE Amemiya Intake Manifold
RE Amemiya Exhaust Manifold
RE Amemiya Customised Race Exhaust
Mazda RX-8 440cc Fuel Injectors
Mazda RX-7 FD3S Ignition Coil
K&N Air Filter

Quantum Racing T4-LM Custom Coilover
SWIFT Springs (F16kg/R18kg)
RE Amemiya 5.125 Final Drive
RE Amemiya Super Racing LSD
RE Amemiya Toe Bushings
RE Amemiya Brake Calipers (F6 Pot, R4 Pot)
Mazda RX-8 Concept Ogura Racing Clutch
Mazda RX-8 Pre-Facelift 6 Speed Transmission
Wilwood Brake Bias Valve
Yokohama Advan Sport Tyres (F255/30/20, R305/25/20)

RE Amemiya Super NA-7 Customised Body Kit
RE Amemiya/Cool Verre aerodynamic side mirrors
20” Enkei GTC-01 (F9.5j +38/R10.5j + 18)

RE Amemiya Carbon Fibre Shift Knob
RE Amemiya Carbon Fibre Door Handle
RE Amemiya One-Off Door Lining
Race Pack Dash Logger
Customised Red Interior Trim
Bride Vios III Low Max Full Bucket Seats

Text by Aaron Hia
Pictures by Peter Lee / Metamorphosis Production


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