Trophy truck jumps over GT-R, covers M3 with dirt.

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As random as the Harlem Shake fad, “Ballistic” BJ Baldwin, a 5-time off-road racing champ, takes  a 850 hp trophy truck with massive suspension and blasts through the desert, doing crazy jumps and even a little bit of street drifting.

So this is what we understand so far:

A lady in high-heels pilots a R888-equipped GT-R, roaring down the asphalt. Then she runs out of fuel and GSM reception  in the middle of no where. BJ makes a dramatic entry, picks her up, none of them talk about where they’re going, lady suits up and both of them blast off into the desert.

Along the way, they find another lady with little clothing posing on the bonnet of a M3 in the middle of nowhere. But since the truck has only space for one lady, , he decides to shower them with dirt – impressing the GT-R lady.

They then reach Las Vegas and pull up at a hotel. They climb out. They undress (the racing suits, silly) and they head out for a night together.

No. It doesn’t make any sense, but it’s something worth watching. Well, maybe until Gymkhana Six.


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