Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Tyres Now In Singapore

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Pirelli Tyre Singapore today announced the launch of high-performance tyres Pirelli P Zero Trofeo and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R. Manufactured in Pirelli’s prestigious motorsports factory in Turkey, the exclusive Pirelli P Zero Trofeo and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres are available in limited quantities in Singapore.

Designed for the racetrack and used in competitions around the world, the innovative Pirelli P Zero Trofeo and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres are approved for road use due to their high standards of safety and performance. These tyres are also used by the most powerful sports cars in production, as they react with maximum precision to the driver’s commands, and offer high levels of grip in bends, acceleration and braking.

Brendan Ang, Sales Director of Pirelli Tyre Singapore, said: “The high-performance Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tyre allows drivers in Singapore to experience the best of Pirelli’s motorsports expertise on the racetrack and on the road, with maximum driving pleasure and safety.”

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo copyPirelli P Zero Trofeo

The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tyre is specially designed to withstand extreme conditions and high temperatures associated with racetrack driving. It ensures high levels of grip and constant trajectories on dry asphalt, even in the most demanding sessions. The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo is also ideal for everyday driving on the road. It is more environmentally friendly than other tyres in the category as its compounds are free of potentially harmful highly aromatic oils.

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R copy

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R

The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R offers even more grip and stability for intense racetrack driving. With the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R, drivers can fully enjoy the performance of extreme vehicles in complete safety, on the track and on the road. Popular with powerful and sporty cars from Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and Lamborghini, the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R boasts a unique tread pattern that results in enhanced stability, lateral grip in the dry, and reduction in wear. It is also manufactured with compounds free of highly aromatic oils.


The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres are available in a range of sizes at authorised Pirelli dealers in Singapore, in limited runs.

Sizes that will be available in Singapore are as follows:

225/40ZR18XLTL (92Y) P Zero Trofeo
235/40ZR18XLTL (95Y) P Zero Trofeo R
245/40ZR18XLTL (97Y) P Zero Trofeo R
265/40ZR18XLTL (101Y) P Zero Trofeo R
265/35ZR18TL (93Y) P Zero Trofeo
295/30ZR18XLTL (98Y) P Zero Trofeo
225/35ZR19XLTL (88Y) P Zero Trofeo
235/35ZR19XLTL (91Y) P Zero Trofeo R
245/35ZR19XLTL (93Y) P Zero Trofeo R
265/35ZR19XLTL (98Y) P Zero Trofeo R
285/35ZR19XLTL (103Y) P Zero Trofeo
295/30ZR19XLTL (100Y) P Zero Trofeo R
305/30ZR19XLTL (102Y) P Zero Trofeo R
325/30ZR19TL (101Y) P Zero Trofeo R
235/35ZR20XLTL (88Y) P Zero Trofeo R
295/35ZR20XLTL (105Y) P Zero Trofeo R
245/35ZR20XLTL (95Y) P Zero Trofeo R
305/30ZR20XLTL (103Y) P Zero Trofeo R

For more information, visit the Pirelli Singapore website.


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