Toyota Unveils An Almost All-New Vios.

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UPDATE: We have local information!

The Vios destined for the Singapore market will have 2 trim grades, E and the higher-spec G.

The E is spec-ed with the usual standard features, while the G grade adds features such as projector headlights, split-folding rear seats, “acoustic glass”, leather steering wheel with audio controls, climate control, rear seat centre console, touchscreen DVD player and most importantly (for a few), rear disc brakes.  We will get a choice of interior colour: Black or ivory. Also new for the Vios are two body colours: Quartz Brown and Silky Beige.

The base E Grade will go for $113,988 while the G Grade is at $117,988. Sadly, the new Vios is only available with a four-speed automatic transmission. Bummer.

We were told to keep our lips sealed about it by Singapore’s Toyota dealer. Well, it looks like the beans have spilled, oops! As you can see, tthe new Toyota Vios comes with a new exterior and interior. And on first looks… this looks like it’s going to remain as REV Magazine’s budget tuning sensation for a long time to come.

Just look at it. It’s like someone combined the pleasing rump of the Toyota Axio with an angry face of a Toyota Auris. Styling-wise, we think it looks completely rad compared to the current “dugong” that was launched nearly five years ago. According to, the new Vios goes on sale in Thailand with a few variants. The lower end E and J models get both 5-speed manual and 4-speed auto transmissions, while the higher end G and S models are only available with a 4-speed auto.

And finally, the new Vios will have a traditional dashboard layout. No more having to buy extra gauges to mount on your steering column for basic readings. But, there is still no water temperature gauge. It seems that there will be two trim options too, black and beige. We suspect that you REV fans will go straight for the black.

It is still a light car, 1,075kg for the 1.5S Auto model, with the lightest model being 1,020kg for the 1.5J Manual. Comparatively, the current model weighs 1,055kg for the 1.5G Auto and 1,020kg for the 1.5E Manual. Looks like they crammed a little bit more into the newer range-topper, like projector lights, push-start system and a factory sound system with USB and AUX inputs.

While it appears that most of the changes are purely aesthetic, most importantly (especially to you, lovely modders), the engine is the same 1.5 litre 1NZ-FE, rated for 107 hp and 141 Nm of torque.  And the suspension system hasn’t changed at all, with the wheel-base being the same. That does suggest that all current performance parts you have in your Vios might be a direct fit into the new model. Well, until we get our greasy hands on a local set.. we’ll dig deeper and let you know!

Now, enjoy the show.



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