TEIN expands its Street Flex range.

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TEIN, the big aftermarket suspension manufacturer from Japan has added 13 models to the “Street Flex” range.

Street Flex offers an adjustable ride height and focuses on street use. Not only does it provide the beautiful lowered look, it also offers significantly more change in the damping force adjustment with a new needle valve. It promises a comfortable ride in town and better handling in the winding mountain pass with adaptive damping with the optional EDFC Active controller.

The new models also include components for the Skyline (ER34), Silvia and the RX-7 (FD3S).

Here is the 13 new models with corresponding technical details:

  Spring Rate
Toyota Celsior Front: 14.0kg/mm, rear: 8.0Kg/mm
Nissan Silvia Front: 7.0kg/mm, rear: 5.0Kg/mm
Nissan Stagea Front: 6.0kg/mm, rear: 6.0Kg/mm
Nissan Skyline ER34 Front: 7.0kg / mm, rear: 5.0Kg/mm
Mazda AZ-Wagon Front: 4.0kg/mm, rear: 2.0Kg/mm
Mazda RX-7 FD3S Front: 10.0kg/mm, rear: 8.0Kg/mm
Honda N BOX Front: 4.0kg/mm, rear: 2.5kg/mm
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution CT9A: Model IX fit ※ VII, VIII, VIIIMR and (CT9W) Front: 10.0kg/mm, rear: 8kg/mm
Subaru Impreza GDB Front: 6.0kg/mm, rear: 5.0Kg/mm
Subaru Legacy B4 BE5, BEE Front: 6.0kg/mm, rear: 7.0kg/mm
Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon BH5, BH9, BHE Front: 6.0kg/mm, Rear: 7.0Kg/mm
Suzuki Lapin Front: 4.0kg/mm, rear: 2.0Kg/mm
Suzuki Wagon R MH23S Front: 4.0kg/mm, rear: 2.0Kg/mm

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